Bespoke Projects

From time to time we get asked to help with other projects. 

We are happy to create a training course that is bespoke to your organisation, whether this be for a corporate away day, or to speak about mental health and wellbeing at your event, we have spoken at WI conferences, school inset days, local charity meetings, groups of management trainees and even written lesson plans

With Sarah's vast knowledge we can deliver a course that is right for any organisation. 

School Lesson Plans

We were approached by The Wyre Forest Schools Partnership to help create lesson plans for teachers of KS1, KS2 and Secondary Children to help support them in the teaching of anxiety. 

By using our knowledge we were able to create 2 lessons for each age group and even recorded some videos for them! 

We know that teachers are overwhelmed, we know that there are so many resources out there that actually it is very daunting to pull that information together. Using our expertise we can quickly sift through the information and give you a good selection of resources. 

We used a book called the The Worrysaurus for KS1 children to help them identify what anxiety may look and feel like.