Our Story

Go2Wellbeing was officially founded in 2018, it had however been floating around for a long time before that! It came partly from Sarah's years of experience delivering Mental Health First Aid Training and the belief that this training should be available to everyone and not a few, but also that the best experience comes from sharing lived experiences, both Sarah and Gemma have lived with Mental Ill Health all their adult lives.  

Our mission is that we deliver flexible and affordable training to not only enable and empower an individual but to challenge the stigma associated with Mental Health, and for it not being a barrier to achieving our dream. 

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    Director of Training

    Sarah Taylor-Robinson

    Sarah has been delivering mental health and wellbeing programmes with the NHS for over 17 years. As one of the first UK trained Mental Health First Aid Instructors in 2008 Sarah has now delivered in excess of 250 courses! 

    Her years of working with people, have highlighted just how important wellbeing is to our mental health. 

    Sarah has devised a number of programmes using all her skills and knowledge and own experiences on the subject of mental health and wellbeing, that are designed to give you a sense of ownership and calm. 

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    Gemma Taylor-Robinson


      Gemma is a people person, and ably assists Sarah when required. 


      Her strengths include connecting people, making them feel at ease and helping them interact even when they feel at their most awkward. Her own lived experiences of mental ill health are often used. 

      Gemma is often the first point of contact for booking of courses and is often referred to as the logistics manager!