Mental health stigma remains in the workplace despite campaigns

This is a copy of an article as featured in HR magazine and shared by Mental Health First Aid England. Its quite disturbing that despite all the hard work being done through campaigning and courses such as MHFA, there is still the stigma in the workplace.

Scary Stats!

From a business point of view and according to the Mental Health Foundation, 70 million workdays are lost each year in the UK due to mental health problems, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion per year. We also know that mental ill health in the work place and in particular depression contributes a huge amount to presenteeism in the work place and has double the impact as opposed to absenteeism.

What can you do?

The one day Adult Mental Health First Aid Course is a really good way to bring different levels of the organisation together to start to have the open and frank conversations. We have found through working with some larger organisations, there needs to be a whole approach with even better results coming when you have a bottom up approach.

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